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HEYMAN LAW GROUP is a law firm based in Las Vegas, NV that focuses primarily on family-based and employment-based immigration, non-immigrant visas, assistance for victims of domestic violence and criminal activity, waiver applications, and many other complex immigration matters. We are dedicated to providing professional legal advice on green card and visa processes, adjustment of status, citizenship, and more.  

We understand how stressful going through immigration issues can be and how they often affect your family, your life, your future, and the pressure you experience while going through complicated and exhausting immigration process. Our mission is to help relieve our clients of these burdens, to establish a relationship based on trust, and to bring a more personal touch to the practice of immigration law. We will give your case the individualized attention it deserves, and will make sure that you achieve your immigration goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.  

For a free initial consultation with our immigration attorney, Darren Heyman, Esq., please call us, or schedule your appointment online                              We look forward to meeting and serving you in the near future.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much do you charge for a consultation? 

Currently the initial consultation with Heyman Law Group is free of charge. To request a consultation, please call us at (702) 421-VISA, or schedule online. We see clients by appointment only. 

Can you tell me how much you will charge for my case before our meeting?

No. Normally we charge a flat legal fee, which will largely depend on the complexity of the case. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate your legal costs without the immigration attorney first meeting with you and evaluating your situation. Every case is unique by its very nature and there might be legal issues and difficulties, which require careful consideration. 

What do I need to bring to the consultation?

Bring all the documents related to your immigration case, which will make it easier for the attorney to evaluate your immigration options. If you are not fluent in English, it's highly recommended to bring a person who can interpret for you. 

First consultation free


(702) 421-VISA (8472)


Where is the consultation held?

​​We offer in-person immigration consultations at our office located in Town Square, Las Vegas NV. We highly recommend this option, as a face-to-face meeting with the immigration attorney makes it much easier and faster to analyze your personal situation. We do offer, however, phone and Skype consultations to accommodate our clients.